The Various Types of Mobile Home Door Locks

There are many different types of locks you can have installed on your mobile home door. Most of them differ in design, operation mechanism, strength, reliability, and of course price. Some variants come with knobs and some with handles; some with keys and some without. The type you choose will obviously affect the level of security, the convenience of use, and the cost you incur in purchasing the hardware as well as installing it. This being the case, this article briefly describes the Various Types of Mobile Home Door Locks just so you are informed before approaching a hardware store and picking one.

Deadbolt Locks 

Deadbolt locks exist in various varieties and a referred to as dead since they lack a springing mechanism. There are two major types of deadbolt locks, these being single-cylinder and double-cylinder Deadbolts. The SC option operates using a key from the outside of the door and using a knob from the inside, whereas the DC variant uses a key from both sides. There also exist surface mounted deadbolt options, whereby the bolt slides into a strike plate mounted on the door’s surface instead of the frame.

Mortise Locks 

The mortise lock is one of the most popular locks for mobile homes, commonly preferred for high-level security for entry doors. They come with knobs and keyholes sitting on two faceplates and comprise of a rectangular box that rests on the recess from the door’s edge. They consist of a deadbolt as and latch, which operates by turning the knob or key from either side of the door. In most cases, the doorknob and lock are interconnected and the opening and locking mechanisms incorporate the operation of a knob, the latch, and the deadbolt. The mortise lock is one of the most suitable options for exterior mobile home doors and is preferred for its immense reliability when it comes to front door security, durability, and ability to accommodate multiple functions.

Cylindrical Door Locks

As opposed to mortise locks, cylindrical locks have a shorter plate than mortise locks intersecting with the latch and are lock installed through door face instead of the edge. Cylindrical locks also lack a deadbolt but an independent deadbolt lock can be installed on the door separately as reinforcement for entry doors.

Privacy Locksets

These are mostly suitable for interior doors, suitable for proving privacy as opposed to improving security. Most models are keyless operation and have a locking button on the interior side of the door.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks can be a good alternative to knob locks and locksets for interior doors. There are keyed and keyless varieties depending on the level of security needed. They also exist in a wide variety of strengths, designs, sizes, and patterns.

Keyless Entry System Digital/Electronic Locks

There are many different types of keyless entry system locks, which are also referred to as digital or electronic locks. They typically do not require a key to open, and mostly operate through using authentication passcode combinations, fingerprint entry, audio detection and remote control.  Depending on the brand and model, some of them come with highly-advanced features such as remote control, alarms, motion detection and such. Some allow the user to use a combination of access options, such as keypad entry, plus fingerprint detection. These locks are in most cases suited for doors where advanced security is required, even though cheaper options that you can get for your mobile home doors are available in the market.


Padlocks are the most traditional types of locks you can have for your mobile home doors. they typically hand freely on the door and are portable. They are available in two main categories, these being the keyed padlocks and combination padlocks. Some are can be re-keyed whereas others cannot. Some models retain the key until the padlock is closed. Padlocks are cheaper than most other variants and can be suitable for exterior entry doors if the right quality is picked.