Interior Mobile Home Door Knobs and Locks

Owning a manufactured home, mobile home or caravan for a home has its various benefits as compared to living in a conventional home. Among these, you get to acquire the property faster, cheaper, and more conveniently. However, security, privacy, and aesthetics are still major factors to think about as is the case with regular home types. This is where doorknobs and locks come in, among other hardware and accessories.

The type of doors locks and knobs that you choose to install on doors for exterior and interior door settings of your mobile home matter a lot. Having already covered the exterior mobile home door knobs and locks in a separate article, this article focuses more on Interior Mobile Home Door Knobs, the available types, designs, and considerations when choosing the right hardware for your interior doors.

The Various Types of Doorknobs/Locks

There are four major types of doorknobs or locksets you can install on your interior doors as below.

  1. Passage Knobs: passage knobs are also commonly referred to as hallway knobs or closet knobs and are installed on doors where not much of security or locking is required, like the hallway or closet doors, for instance.
  2. Privacy Knobs: privacy doorknobs are sometimes referred to as keyless knobs. They are mostly suitable for doors leading to rooms such as the bedroom or the shower room, where privacy rather than security is a priority. They are typically lockable but one doesn’t require a key to operate. Privacy doorknobs are mostly installed on one side of the door, and most require to simply be twisted to the clockwise or anticlockwise direction to close and open depending on the side they are installed on (left handed or right handed).
  3. Dummy Knobs: Dummy knobs are mostly suitable for interior doors such as closet doors and hallways if your mobile home has any of those. They are the simple type knobs that don’t have latches and are therefore installed on doors where no locking is required.
  4. Keyed Entry: Last but not least, keyed entry door knobs are usually lockable and typically operate using a key for controlled access and enhanced security. They are mostly suitable for exterior doors such as the entry door. However, they can also be used on doorways and doors leading to rooms where a higher security level is required.

The best type of lockset among these 4 options is the one that meets your needs in terms of privacy, operational convenience, and security in some cases.

Choosing Knobs and Locks for Interior Doors: Tips

Before choosing a specific lockset or knob for an interior door, there are other important things to look at.

Lock vs No Lock? First and foremost, decide whether you need a lockable door or the unlockable type. For door locks, there are two major types, these being mortise locks and cylindrical locks.

Design and Look: Second, the interior hardware you choose has an impact on your interior décor and aesthetics. Therefore, be mindful of the knob design, finish, and type of construction material used. Door knobs exist in a wide range of designs, including round traditional knobs, oval, contemporary, and rectangular, among others. They are also available in various colors and different finishes such a bronze, nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, and stainless steel plating.

Operational Convenience: It is also best to consider how the ease of installation, and mechanism of operation, before choosing a particular type of lockset.

With the above factors in mind, select a reputable brand and choose a reliable vendor, you will be more prepared to approach the stores for and choose the right interior mobile home locks and knobs without much trouble.