Mobile Home Door Locks Installation Guide

When you need to improve security on your mobile home, one of the most important things to think about are the locks, especially after a burglary attempt or after suspecting that you door locks are compromised. Well, sometimes the installation costs seem rather too expensive, yet if you have the time and the necessary tools, you can change or replace the door locks yourself without much pressure.

But how exactly can you do this DYI project without prior experience on the task? Well, below is a Mobile Home Door Locks Installation Guide to guide you through the project after choosing a more reliable lock for your entry door. In this particular article, we are assuming that a deadbolt lock is what you have on your hands since it is the more reliable and inexpensive option for your mobile home’s exterior door.  Keenly follow the simple steps below to install your lock on a wooden door.

  1. Set Lock Position and Mask the Template

Determine the convenient height and mark the position where you want the lock installed, say about 44-inch from the floor, then use a masking tape to secure the template that comes with the deadbolt lock at the right position.

  1. Mark and Drill Holes for Lock Cylinder and Latch

Now, mark two the centers of two holes, one for the lock cylinder and the other for the latch bolt into the door face and door edge respectively. Now drill the door face hole using the recommended drill bit or saw and then bore the door edge hole for the latch bolt using a 1-inch spade bit.

  1. Cut the Mortise and Place the Latchbolt in the Door’s Edge.

After drilling the holes, cut a 1/8 inch deep recess using a 1-inch chisel and mallet. Slip the latch bolt in the recess so that it is flush with the door edge and get rid of any wood chips until it lies properly in position.

  1. Hold the Faceplate As Template And Insert Lock

Now take your faceplate and use it as a template to install the lock’s mounting screws, then insert the latch bolt and push the lock’s keyed portion through the latch bolt hole. Once this is done, fit the inner cylinder to align screw holes with the lock’s exterior portion. Be sure to secure the two lock sides together using the two mounting screws to retain the lock in position.

  1. Mark and Cut the Door Jamb Mortise

You’re almost done. Note where the latch bolt touches with the door closed and mark the doorjamb’s intersection point with the latch bolt. With your strike plate as a template, use a sharp chisel to cut a mortise for the doorjamb and drill a hole through the center of your mortise where the latch bolt will enter using a spade bit.

Install the strike plate and do some lock testing

Pick the lock screws and install the strike plate to complete the task. Hurray! Now close the door and your lock’s operation. You may need to loosen or tighten the screw accordingly until the lock closes and opens smoothly.

For safety and security purposes, it is always advisable to call an experienced technician or locksmith to install your locks, especially for main mobile home entry doors. It is better to spend more and have it done right, rather than risk spending more on repairs in future or risk losing your property to burglary.