DIY Installation and Repair Guide Tips for Mobile Home Locks

When you discover that for one reason or the other, you have to replace or change the locks and knobs of one or more of your mobile home doors, there’s too much at play to think about. Some of these things include the factors to consider before and when buying the door accessories. You have to choose the ideal door knobs and locks to meet your security needs, as well as, your privacy, convenience, and reliability requirements without breaking the bank. However, the cost is always a major concern when it comes to most home improvement projects.

Instead of choosing a low-quality product that will cost in repairs and replacements or loss of property in future, one of the ways you can minimize the costs is if you consider installing the door locks yourself. After choosing and buying the ideal products, here are some DIY installation and repair guide tips for mobile home door locks and knobs you could borrow to avoid incurring unnecessary costs when going for high-quality products. This particular article focuses on installation tips for mobile home door locksets and deadbolts in a stepwise procedure.

1: Choose a Convenient Height and Position the Template

Most doorknobs or locksets measure somewhere around 34 to 38 inches high, with the deadbolts positioning being around 6-12-inches above. However, you will need to determine the backset measurement and use your lock manufacturer’s template as a guide when boring any new holes at the desired height. The back set as described in an earlier article; is the measurement from the edge of the door to the centerline of your knob hole (2.375 or 2.75 inches in most cases). After determining your height, drill two pilot holes, one at the door edge (2inches deep), and one at the centerline 1/8 inches.

2: Drill Face of the Door

Here, you will need a bubble level or torpedo level drill. Bore a hole through the door face, halfway through to avoid splintering. Then mark the jamb by inserting a nail from the inside through your 2.175-inch hole with the door closed. Push the nail into the doorjamb.

3: Drill the door edge and jamb

Here, the nail mark is your indicator for drilling the deadbolt hole. Using this, drill a 1-inch deep hole for your deadbolt, preferably using the correct spade bit size of 1-inch. Now use the 1-inch spade bit drill to bore a hole from the door edge so that it intersects with the larger hole that will accommodate the lockset cylinder.

4: Chisel the Door Edge and Jamb

Now, use your utility knife to score the outline of the door edge while holding the latch unit through. On the door jamb, also score out the outline while holding the strike plate through. Now, chisel out the wood in intervals of a quarter inch so that you get rid of enough wood so as to allow the strike box and strike plate to sit flush with the door’s edge and door jamb respectively.

5: Insert the Latch and Screws

Now take the latch assembly and insert it through the door edge hole you drilled, fastening into position using screws. Of, course you have to pre-drill holes using the right bit size for the screws to install well.

Next, pick your mobile home deadbolt lock or doorknob lockset and cylindrical lock assemblies and insert them so that its tailpiece or spindle aligns with the unit’s strike assembly. Be sure to install it so that the screw heads remain on the interior side of your mobile home door lockset.

You’ve just installed a lockset on your mobile home door after successfully following this. Enjoy your effort.