Cylindrical vs Mortise Mobile Home Locksets

Being a proud owner of a mobile home, it goes without saying that security, privacy, and convenience are some of the most important things that give you comfort and peace of mind in your home. Speaking of privacy and security, it all starts with the reliability of your doors in terms of strength, construction material, and the types of knobs, locks, or locksets installed.

For the purpose of improving security levels while enhancing your home décor, you may at some point need to change or replace your mobile home door locks. Among the various types of locks on the market, cylindrical and mortise lock sets would be among your primary considerations.

In simpler terms, doorknobs belong to these two major categories in terms of their construction and design. Installing the wrong kind of lockset for your needs may lead to unnecessary spending on repairs, replacements, or even loss of property. This begs the question, what is the ideal choice for you between cylindrical vs mortise mobile home locksets?

To help you make a well-informed decision, here are some of the distinguishing factors between the two options, as well as some of their pros and cons you may want to look at.

Cylindrical vs. Mortise Locksets: The Differences

Mortise Door Locks

One way to tell if a mobile home door lockset is a mortise is to take a look at the side of a door. Mortise locks usually have a long plate around a feature referred to as the latch bolt. The lock is designed such that the plate slides into a rectangular pocket referred to as a mortise, which is located at the edge of the door. In most cases, the doorknob and lock are interconnected and the opening and locking mechanisms incorporate the operation of a knob, the latch, and the deadbolt.

Cylindrical Door Locks

Cylindrical door locks, on the other hand, have a shorter plate intersecting with the door lock’s latch bolt, with the main body of the lock installed through the main face of the door. The lockset’s design features a rounded body, which fits into a hole drilled on the face of the door. The latch bolt is also inserted into the door through a smaller hole bored into the edge of the door. The other major difference to note between the two is that the cylindrical type lacks a security deadbolt. This means that an independent deadbolt lock may be required for your mobile home door if you need to heighten your home’s security.

Pros and Cons of Mortise Door Locksets

Pros of Mortise:

  • Highly dependable and more secure
  • More lock functions than cylindrical locks
  • Highly durable due to large bolts
  • Available in multiple designs

Cons of Mortise:

  • Mortise locks are more expensive
  • Installation may be a bit more complicated

Pros and Cons of Cylindrical Door Locksets

Pros of Cylindrical:

  • Cheaper to procure
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient for low-security doors

Cons of Cylindrical:

  • Less durable
  • May not be ideal where security is of vital concern
  • Accommodate fewer lock functions

Which One Is The Best For Your Mobile Home Doors?

If cost is a concern and you don’t have much of security or fancy features to worry about, a cylindrical door lock can be the best. However, mortise locks are better in terms of value, durability, strength, and reliability. You could consider a mortise lock for your mobile home front door and cylindrical locksets for the interior doors.