How To Choose the Right Door Knobs for Your Mobile Home

There are numerous benefits in opting for a mobile or manufactured home as compared to building or buying a site built one in terms of convenience, cost, and time, among other factors. For the purpose of security, comfort, convenience, and improving home décor, however, it is also important to have some basic knowledge about proper maintenance of your mobile home, which includes knowing how, when, and where to get various parts and accessories.

With regards to privacy, security, and convenience, door locks and knobs or locksets are important features in your home. In this case, it is important to understand your needs requirements and determine the right kind of locks or knobs to go for in case you need to replace your mobile home doors or just the locks. This being the case, here are some tips on how to choose the right door knobs for your mobile home: buying guide.
The Right Doorknobs for the Right Door

Before buying a doorknob or a few for that matter, the first thing you would want to think about is the type or position of the door you want them to be installed on. If you’re looking for knobs for your exterior front door or security door, for instance, you would want one that is durable, and strong enough to keep vandals away. Your options here would be to purchase a set of mobile home door knobs with locks or purchase knobs and doors separately.

On the other hand, you may not need a high-security door knob and lock for your mobile home rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Consider going for cylindrical vs mortise locksets and think about which between keyless knobs, deadlocks, and lash looks will be right for you based on the type and position of the door in your mobile home.

Consider the Esthetics

Choosing doorknobs also require you to have an eye for style and impression ion your mobile home décor. This is, of course, the case with both interior and exterior décor. Some are available in beautiful designs, patterns, colors, and finishes that can add value and give your mobile home a curb appeal.

Choose a Good Brand

The other important feature to look at is the brand. As is the case with other mobile home products, not all doorknob brands are the same in terms of quality, strength, durability, and reliability in terms of security, availability, and ease of installation. Some of the best locksets are constructed from high-quality brass and steel, which are the plated with finishes such as chrome, brass, and bronze, and can come in colors such as Gold, silver or black among others.

Some of the most reputed mobile home door knob brands include Kwikset, Legend, Lewis Hyman, and Brinks door knobs. Be sure to do some more research to pick a brand and model that will meet your needs in terms of security, décor, style, and convenience.

Vet Your Vendor before Buying

Last but not least, be sure to do your homework when it comes to choosing a vendor. There are numerous mobile home parts dealers online, of which you can’t always tell for sure who deals with genuine products and who doesn’t. as you do the vetting, compare notes from online reviews and user testimonials, price listings, varieties in stock, warranty and shipping information, among other factors.