Things to Consider Before Buying Mobile Home Locks

Just like with regular homes, security is a vital necessity for mobile homes, especially if you don’t dwell in a permanent address. This is where door knobs and locks for mobile homes come in. If you are considering replacing your current locks or even thinking of buying new doors for various entry points in your mobile home, there are a few things to think about before buying the locks and knobs. Research is one of the most important things, to begin with.

Of course, you would want to determine which brands and models of locks and door knobs are the best and available in the market, alongside establish what some of the best mobile stores are where you can find these incredibly important accessories. Before all that, however, there are a few considerations you would want to make in order to know what you are looking for so that you can easily determine the best locks and knobs for your prefab home doors.

These include the type, thickness, mechanism, and the security needs the door or doors in question. To shed more light on this and make the process easier for you, here are some important to consider before buying mobile home locks and doorknobs.

Security Level Required

Before you think about elegance and décor, security comes first in most cases. The fist important thing you should ask yourself is about the security needs of your mobile home door(s). This is because different knobs and doors are made from different materials, designs, and strengths, which means that some types may be more vulnerable to burglary, unpermitted entry, or vandalism than others.

If you have a lot of valuables in your mobile home, you may require some high-quality locks and knobs for your doors, especially the front door, exterior doors, and specific interior doors. you may also want to consider going for doors locks or locksets with key control for both the purposes of enhancing security as well as privacy.

The Existing Lockset Type

For replacement locks and knobs, it is important to note whether your door contains a mortise or cylindrical lockset. This is because if it has a cylindrical lock and you end up buying a mortise lock, you would be forced to drill a separate hole to install the new lockset.

The Type and Thickness of the Door

Especially for replacement locks, the type of door in terms of construction material as well as its thickness and that of its framing are also worth your consideration. This is because some types of locks are designed for installation on wooden doors, whereas some are more suitable for metallic doors. Thickness is also of critical importance. In most cases, standard mobile home door thicknesses range from 1.2 inches to of 1.75-inches, although the exterior doors may be a bit thicker. Nonetheless, be sure to take note of the door’s thickness before you go shopping.

Opening Mechanism of Your Door

The direction to which a door opens is also worth taking note of. For instance, a left-hand door will open towards you and has the knob on its left side. If it opens toward you with its knob at the right side, it is a right-hand door. Unlike the locksets with knobs, most curved lever locks are not reversible.

The Backset Dimension

During installation of the locks and knobs, holes are normally drilled on either the face of the door or its edge or both. The distance between the door’s edge and the center of the knob hole is what is known as the backset dimension and is highly important to take note of before going shopping for your mobile home door locks and knobs.