Best Mobile Home Door Lock Reviews

Come to think of it, why do you need a lock on your door? It’s pretty obvious and natural, that we are as human, basically protective beings, and no one wants to be harmed physically or have their property taken away by burglars. As a proud Mobile Home owner, security and home privacy are some of your major priorities. To ensure this, you would want a strong exterior door and a reliable lock that stands the test of time and is strong enough to keep vandals away from gaining forceful entry into your property.

You would also want the ones that convenient, stylish, and reliable to provide privacy or secure you interior doors as well. this having been said, there are many different types of mobile home door locks in the market, most of which come with different functionality features, designs, strengths, and most of all, different prices. This being considered, some locks are more worthy investing in as compared to others. However, making the right decision when shopping for locks can be a bit of a daunting task to hack, considering the many factors involved. This being the case, here are the Best Mobile Home Door Locks Reviews to give you an idea of what is out there.

1:  Kwikset 992 Juno Entry Knob & Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The Kwikset 992 is one of the most popular and reliable locks online you can pick if you are looking to heighten security for your mobile home exterior door. This is a combo-pack type of lockset that features a double cylinder deadbolt, which is operated using a smart key from both sides of the door. The latch is adjustable, so that it can fit on all standard doors without strain. There is also a single cylinder version that can be used on doors where locking from only one side of the door is of preference. It is renowned for its durability, flexibility, versatility, and stylish appearance among other pros such as its highly affordable price ($50 – $75).

2: Medeco Maxum 11 x 603

The Medeco Maxum 11 x 603 is another highly reliable option, which is renowned for sufficing strong after forceful impacts, drilling, and picking. It is for this reason, a great option for exterior mobile home doors where high level of security is paramount. The only thing that most consumer find a bit discouraging about this Medeco model is that it is a bit expensive as compared to its close competitors.

3: Samsung Digital Door Lock

In this digital era of today, many home improvement products and accessories have adopted the smart technology. This has of course been incorporated into home security systems tech, including keyless locks for mobile home doors. Produced by one of the world’s leading producers of electronics and home appliances, the Samsung Digital Door Lock is another option you would want to consider for your mobile home. This smartlock operates through a remote control mechanism, passcode entry, finger print scanning, RF card, tag or even the conventional key. You can also select a combination of access options, say finger print and keypad for added security. It also features an automatic locking mechanism once you leave your home. It can be a great option for exterior and interior doors where security is a concern. It is highly dependable, durable, and flexible, even though the cost and possibility of malfunction are two of the major concerns from consumers.

4: SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock

This is another yet reliable exterior door lock that also doubles up as a cheaper option among smart door locks in the market even though it lacks some features such as Bluetooth and wireless control technologies. The user gains access using a programmable passcodes and it has timed auto-lock functionality.

Final Verdict

The best mobile home door lock is probably the one that meets your safety, security, durability, and convenience requirements, including your budget. When going shopping for door locks, be sure to compare prices, features, reliability, functions, and such other factors of available models on different mobile home parts shops and online stores. Buy mobile home locks from reputable brands and conduct additional research on the best Mobile Home Door Locks Reviews available before making a decision.